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We began a cider company to provide quality alcoholic beverages in an apple region where cider was scarce. We make cider using fruit from our family orchard and other farms in the surrounding region. Apples are picked and pressed locally and fermented with very little intervention, with a hard “NO” on concentrates, colorings or artificial flavor additives. Our values personify a Pacific Northwest cultural image and attitude that exemplifies environmental awareness, outdoor sports, wildlife and supporting local.



Our town is nestled in an extremely unique biome. Chelan is banked on the South end of Lake Chelan, the 3rd deepest lake in the U.S. We host the Paragliding National Cup and annual hydroplane races. We’re home to world class kayaking, skiing and hunting. We like rock music and electronic festivals, refurbished camper trailers, fly fishing and river rafting. You get the idea. It’s adventurous, beautiful, and has a little bit of something for everybody. Just like our ciders.




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22 oz. bomber | keg | 6% ABV

Our hard cider base infused with plenty of fresh chopped ginger root. A wickedly smooth and balanced dry cider, complemented with notes of citrus and melon on the palate. We like it with Thai food and Washington coast shellfish.

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PEARGATORY (vanilla pear)

22 oz. bomber | keg | 6% ABV

A sparkling and bright hard apple cider lightly sweetened with local Chelan pears and a touch of vanilla. Creamy and slightly floral up front, Peargatory is an instant favorite. Pair it with hand-made goat cheese or a summer salad with Northwest berries.

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CHIMERA Cherry apple

22 oz bomber | keg | 6% ABV

Summer seasonal fruit made to last all year round. This semi-sweet is made with apples and cherries from our on-site orchard. Deeply rich and velvety with notes of plum and pomegranate.

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Backroads boysenberry

22 oz bomber | keg | 6.5% ABV

Soft and citrusy on the nose, this fruity combo has notes of boysenberry, blackberry and ripe Pink Lady. Just what you need for your brunch and sunny picnic fix.



keg | 6.5% ABV

This specialty cider is unlike anything you've ever had. Inspired by our local hispanic culture, we crafted this cider to bring Northwest hops on the nose, Honeycrisp on the palate + a fiery, yet not too intense, peppery spice that lingers for a solid minute on the finish.




Open Thurs-Mon 1-7pm
Saturdays 1pm-midnight
Closed Tue & Wed
114 East Woodin Avenue, Chelan, WA 98816

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